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Regensburg Breast Shape Model (RBSM)


The Regensburg Breast Shape Model (RBSM) is a 3D statistical shape model of the female breast, learned from 110 breast scans. It is the first ever which is publicly available and free for research purposes. This work was done in Cooperation between the  Regensburg Medical Image Computing (ReMIC) lab at OTH Regensburg and the University Center of Plastic-, Aesthetic-, Hand- and Reconstructive Surgery at the University Hospital Regensburg.

Download the RBSM

The RBSM is available in the *.h5 file format as provided by the Scalismo framework. To download the RBSM, please carefully read the following license agreement first:

  • NON-COMMERCIAL USE: The license granted is for internal, non-commercial research, evaluation or testing purposes only. Any use of the RBSM or its contents to manufacture or sell products or technologies (or portions thereof) either directly or indirectly for any direct or indirect for-profit purposes is strictly prohibited.
  • NO WARRANTY: The RBSM is provided as is and any express or implied warranties are disclaimed.
  • NO DISTRIBUTION: You are not allowed to sublicense or distribute the RBSM in whole or in part to any third party.
  • CITATION: You agree to reference the publication

    Maximilian Weiherer, Andreas Eigenberger, Vanessa Brebant, Lukas Prantl, Christoph Palm.
    Learning the shape of female breasts: an open-access 3D statistical shape model of the female breast built from 110 breast scans.
    arXiv preprint arXiv:2107.13463, 2021

    and acknowledge Maximilian Weiherer and Prof. Dr. Christoph Palm, Regensburg Medical Imaging Computing (ReMIC) Laboratory and the Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Regensburg (OTH Regensburg) as the source of the RBSM in any publications reporting use of it, any manual, or document.

Visualize the RBSM

The RBSM can be easily visualized with the Scalismo Viewer, developed by the Graphics and Vision Research Group of the University of Basel. We provide a pre-compiled, executable jar file here:

Note that Java need to be installed on your computer (Java version 8.0 or higher is recommended).

Loading the RBSM into the Scalismo Viewer: Open the Scalismo Viewer -> Right click on Default Group -> Select Load Statistical Shape Model -> Browse for the downloaded RBSM and click Open.

A pictured step-by-step guide can be found here.

In case you have any questions, please feel free to contact Maximilian Weiherer (maximilian.weiherer@fau.de) or Prof. Dr. Christoph Palm (christoph.palm@oth-regensburg.de).